Laura's Story

I have a type of leukaemia called Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) which was diagnosed two years ago. CML is most common in men over 60 … I always did love to be different!

Since being diagnosed my life has been impacted quite a bit, as I am always exhausted, but I am lucky to have been blessed with amazing friends and family who understand when I sometimes flake out on them!

My future prognosis is very good; if I had been diagnosed 10 years ago, my life expectancy would have been three years, but due to the great strides that have been made by people working in leukaemia and lymphoma research, this can now be expected to be 10 years and up.

And scientists are now finding that the drug they developed for people like me, can be used to help people with many other forms of cancer. Wouldn't it be marvellous if we were all part of helping to find the cure once and for all!!!

Laura Grassie
Hello and welcome to 100 Fairies and thank you for taking the time to have a look at our pages.

Now you may be wondering why “100” and “fairies” (and if that wasn’t enough, “pink” as well!). Well to be honest we knew that in order to raise significant sums of money we needed to capture the nation’s imagination.

You will see from Laura’s Story on the right that Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research is dear to her heart and we want to raise £10,000 for the organisation as we felt this was an amount that would make a significant difference, but to raise that all by ourselves seemed an awesome task.

So, we thought we would harness the power of the people, get everyone involved and have some fun at the same time with what we hope will be a fantastic way to make at least a small difference to our world.

We NEED 100 people who are willing to run, skip, jog or even walk 10k (that’s just 6.25 miles for you oldies) and it would be fabulous if you could come dressed as a pink fairy.

We will all be entering the Royal Berkshire 10k on May 17th 2015 (it would seem only right and proper to enter a royal race in our fair county and the date will give you plenty of time to train). You will need to follow the link on the links page and pay for your own entry and of course beg, borrow or buy your own pink fairy outfit.

One hundred pink fairies will be a great spectacle and will help raise the profile of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

Each fairy will need to raise at least £100 so that we can meet our target of £10,000 - it sounds right to have 100 pink fairies running 10k in order to raise £10k and make a difference. We can see the newspaper headlines already!

To be a fairy you can be any age between 15 and 100+ and of any running ability as it’s the taking part and raising money that counts.

We have included some training plans if you want to be a “proper runner” but equally if you want to walk round with no training at all then that’s just fine.

If you need any more information on our 100 Fairies project, just mail Nick on but whatever you do don't forget to let us know when you've signed up for the race so we can put your name on the Runners List!
So let’s recap - you need to:
  • Enter the Royal Berkshire 10k on May 17th 2015 and pay for your entry
  • Make, hire or buy a fairy outfit
  • Train to run a 10k or just decide to walk if you want to
  • Raise £100 and do your bit.
Finally, there is no limit to fundraising - the more you raise the more research the charity can undertake so please raise lots!

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